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Who is Michael Maitre?

Why Michael Maitre?

Leading Certified Professional Coach, public speaker, author and CEO of Purpose Health Consulting has reached hundreds of executives, professionals and industry leaders with his dynamic message of living authentically and with purpose in the corporate marketplace and in personal life.



Plug Into Untapped Potential

Acclaimed psychology and leadership guru Daniel Goleman advocates that self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are all critical for leaders—and that these skills work together to embody every act of leadership.

Research shows a majority of CEOs as open to receiving leadership advice and development. A 2013 Stanford University Executive Coaching Survey found that two-thirds of CEOs are not currently receiving any outside advice on their leadership skills—yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach. Nearly half of CEOs who responded to the survey said they needed help developing team building and motivational skills.

“Nearly half of CEOs who responded to a 2013 Stanford University coaching survey said they wanted help developing team building and motivational skills.”

Develop ‘Soft Skills’

Soft skills or the abilities that distinguish the best leaders from the average are essential to effective leadership. Despite this fact, many professionals typically spend little time exploring these qualities.


Accountability 99%
Challenges 99%
Confidence 99%
Family 99%
Goal Setting 99%
Procrastination 99%


Change Realization 99%
Analysis 99%
Client Relations 99%
Family 99%
Goal Setting 99%
Motivation 99%
Strategy 99%
Vision 99%
Solutions 99%

Give Teams a ‘Boost’

Whether the issue is personal or professional low morale, complacency or the need for new direction, it’s likely you or your team could benefit from some invigoration.
Motivational speakers and coaches are trained to build or rebuild confidence and encourage teams to approach micro and macro tasks with the determination necessary to achieve a vision.

Life Scheme is a 501c3, formerly known as Earth-Link; Earth-Light, that has developed a new innovative way to combat mental illness. With a methodology that utilizes a three-tier approach, Life Scheme targets individuals in urban communities where the topic of mental illness is widely considered as taboo.
Who Are We
Michael Maitre, the founder of Life Scheme, states that the methodology implemented was derived from his personal bout with mental illness, how he overcame it, and how he actively deals with it today. Understanding that traditional methods of battling mental illness do not take into consideration modern culture and the taboos within, the methodology of Life Scheme is truly innovative.

To anyone facing mental illness, Michael Maitre continuously reiterates the importance of momentum and how to keep it going. He compels people to understand the choices and options they have, no matter how bad they may feel in their body. He urges people to take time on the good days to recognize the tools they have so they can implement them during their stormy days. On his worst days, Michael was reminded, “My life is not a waste & my best days are still in front of me … I want to give people the hope to keep pushing forward.”

Why Life Scheme?
What makes Life Scheme exceptional is its focus on undertaking their three-part methodology in tandem, creating a self-help ecosystem. The resources provided make a subscription to their services a one-stop-shop to healing.

To better serve its users, Life Scheme is actively expanding and upgrading their podcast studio to accommodate group dialogues in a setting of specialists.
Though Life Scheme is currently only found on Instagram, they plan to broaden their reach to all social media platforms through influencer marketing and fundraising.

Coming soon, be on the lookout for their new phone app, as well as online courses, where subscribers can sign in and watch interactive videos and work together with Life Scheme facilitators.

The methodology is simple, yet intricate:
“There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.”
Vikram Patel
Listen & Watch: Learning to take a pause & watch for the for the signs of an attack.

Solution: Life Scheme provides training to help one listen to their personal voice, voices of others, & how it’s interpreted.

Thinking & Awareness: Recognizing that mental illness takes over ones thinking and awareness.
Solution: In order to find ways to infiltrate attacks via, Life Scheme creates accessibility
through e-books and other digital literary works.
Movement & Momentum: Understanding the need to move and that lack of movement negatively impacts depression and other mental illness.

Solution: Movement leads to momentum, which leads to healing.

In the Futur
In the future, Life Scheme envisions the frequent renting of space in urban communities to produce pop-ups where workshops and lectures are held, and eventually broadening their reach outside Southern California to the nation, and then to the world. Likewise, Life Scheme hopes to gain syndication on local access networks that will lead to major network deals.
Support Us
All donations made
are tax deductible
EIN: 260861718
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Purpose over propaganda is a campaign started by Michael Maître aimed at dispelling negative and unproductive commentary within our modern day society. It is comprised of 3 major elements:

– Social media awareness through #purposeoverpropaganda 

-Philanthropy through the vehicles of counseling and inspirational speaking in prisons, schools, and community events.

– P.O.P Live events that feature inspirational messages about change told through the arts : spoken word, live music, live art painting, and inspirational lecture. Each show ends with a wellness showcase that features local vendors who educate participants on the wellness of mind, body, and soul.



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