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Michael Maitre Services


Event Hosting

Michael Maitre has honed his craft as an Event Host over the years, showcasing his versatility in orchestrating engaging and memorable experiences. His proficiency extends across various genres of events, making him a standout choice for glamorous award shows demanding elegance, and high-profile conferences necessitating a polished and professional demeanor.



Poet for Hire

Michael Maitre injects a natural and captivating entertainment factor into every event he hosts. His poetic background infuses events with rhythm, eloquence, and a genuine connection to the spoken word. Michael's poetic touch elevates the entire experience, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. He has become a sought-after name for a diverse range of occasions, from poetry events and award shows to galas and birthdays



Certified Life Coach

What sets Michael apart is not just his skill as an Event Host but also his unique perspective as a Certified Life Coach. With a commitment to fostering positive energy and purposeful connections. His expertise as a life coach adds a layer of intentionality to his work, creating an environment where participants feel seen, heard, and inspired.

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